Plant Advice

  • Top Ten Native Trees

          We have discussed the importance of planting native in the article titled "Why Native Plants?" and have gone over the top ten native perennia...
  • Butterwort (Pinguicula) Care

         Pinguicula is another genus of carnivorous plants in the Lentibulariaceae family. There are only two other genera contained within this famil...
  • Plants for Gargoyle and Crested Geckos

         Many of you may know me from various reptile expos, where I sell plants and clean up crews to help you build your own bioactive enclosure for...
  • Bromeliad Care

    These plants may seem challenging, but they are actually very beginner friendly! Read more to find out how to care for these beautiful plants.
  • Ten Native Perennials to Add to Your Garden

    Where should you start on your native plant journey? Here, you will find my top 10 native perennials, all with their own environmental requirements.
  • Calathea (Prayer Plant) Care

                Calathea is another genus within the prayer plant family, Marantaceae. They’re commonly called prayer plants, just like the genus Mara...
  • Fern Care

                Ferns are a fantastic plant to add to your collection! They are one of the few houseplants that never flower, nor do they create seeds...
  • Maranta (Prayer Plant) Care

    Prayer plants are a classic and interesting addition to many homes! They are fascinating with the movement they exhibit between day and night.
  • Alocasia Polly Care

    Alocasia Polly are a beautiful plant to add to your collection, though some people find them challenging. After reading this care guide, your Alocasia Polly will thrive under your care!
  • Spider Mites and How to Deal With Them

    Spider mites are feared by plants and plant enthusiasts everywhere. They are not easy to get rid of and sometimes tough to ID. Here, we will discuss why that is and how best to get around that, as well as several options for controlling these pests. All is not lost!
  • Dracaena Care

    Dracaena are a fantastic beginner plant! Everything from dragon trees, to lucky bamboo, snake plants, and corn plants (the houseplant, not the crop) all fall within this genus! Lucky for us, most of them have similar care. We can lump most of them into this care guide. Snake plants have their own care guide titled Snake Plant Care, as they are a little different.
  • Hoya Care Guide

    Hoya are a diverse, pet safe option for those of us who have a bright light but tend to forget to water... It's always amazing when they bloom, too!