Plant Advice

  • Plants for Dummies- Soil

         So, you've just started your journey with plants. Where do you begin? It seems like there are a million directions to go when you just begin w...
  • Fungus Gnats and How to Deal With Them

         Fungus gnats are an insect every plant owner is familiar with. There are various remedies going around the internet on how to rid your plants ...
  • Plants for Dummies- Light

    Exploring plants can be overwhelming. In the "Plants for Dummies" series we are going to take a look into the plant basics and try to understand and explain the lingo used by plant people all around the world. In this post, we explore light and what it means to be direct, dappled, medium and more!
  • Fall is coming! What do we do with our gardens?

    Fall is coming. What can be planted to keep the garden going and what should go into storage? How and where should they be stored?
  • Plants for Dummies- Water

    Have you ever had trouble knowing when to water your plant? Learn the basics here!
  • Air Plants- Tillandsia

    Have you ever tried to take care of an air plant but it self-destructed randomly? Yeah. They can do that. Here you will learn ways to keep them has happy and healthy as possible! Remember- plant deaths are part of the experience. Use them as a learning experience and to make other plants happier and healthier!
  • Carnivorous plants are... EASY?!

    Carnivorous plants intimidate many, and many carnivorous plants perish because the keepers simply don't know they require different care than other, more commonly grown plants. There are a few simple guidelines that will help your plants thrive!
  • Grand Online Opening!

    Welcome! I am so excited to have this under my belt and add this to my skills. I am super excited to be selling on my very own website! A bit about...