Plant Advice

  • African Violet Care

    African violets may be tricky for some. This will help you to be sure your African violet will thrive and give you prolific blooms!
  • Carnivorous Plants Go Dormant??

         Have you ever had a Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) or an American pitcher plant (Sarracenia) thrive until late fall and then it seems like...
  • Tropical Pitcher Plants and How to Care for Them

    Carnivorous plants can be daunting for a new grower. The goal of the care guides is to help the grower help their plants to survive!
  • Air Plants- Tillandsia

    Have you ever tried to take care of an air plant but it self-destructed randomly? Yeah. They can do that. Here you will learn ways to keep them has happy and healthy as possible! Remember- plant deaths are part of the experience. Use them as a learning experience and to make other plants happier and healthier!
  • Carnivorous plants are... EASY?!

    Carnivorous plants intimidate many, and many carnivorous plants perish because the keepers simply don't know they require different care than other, more commonly grown plants. There are a few simple guidelines that will help your plants thrive!